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In Tulsa, outdoor kitchens are a fast-growing trend. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect gathering place for family and friends. At Arrow Outdoor Living, our design team will meet with you to help create the perfect custom kitchen for your needs. After that, our highly skilled masonry crew will build your kitchen to exact specifications. We exceed expectations and take pride in making our clients lifelong customers. Of course, we strive to please our clients. As a result, they recommend us to their friends and family. 

Whether on the patio, by the pool, or under a new pergola, an outdoor kitchen by Arrow Outdoor Living is an asset that will add value to your home in multiple ways. First, an outdoor kitchen is an entertainment oasis in your own back yard where you can maximize your living space. Beyond that, a top-quality outdoor kitchen adds monetary value to your home that you will recover if you ever decide to sell. Also, outdoor kitchens make cooking more enjoyable. In addition, you keep potentially offensive cooking smells out of your house. 

You will keep heat out of the home from cooking which will, in turn, help you save money on your cooling bill. More than that, you will eat healthier and more often at home, potentially saving money you would have spent eating away from your home.   

Full Masonry, Stucco, or Decorative Block

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Outdoor Kitchen Features

Choose from some commonly used outdoor kitchen features. Don’t forget to ask about the Arrow Outdoor Living discount at local appliance retailers.

Grills, Smokers, Kamados, Green Eggs, Rotisseries

Bars, Sinks and Prep Areas

Overhead and Low-Voltage Lighting

Refrigerators and Wine Coolers

Drawers, Access Doors, and Trash Bins

Custom Granite or Tile Countertops

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Frequently Asked

What's best, natural gas or propane?

For some, this would be a matter of preference and availability. If you have natural gas on-site, many customers prefer the convenience and reliability of natural gas. Also, if using natural gas, you” never have to run to the store to swap out propane tanks.

Both natural gas and propane burn hot!. Propane does burn hotter! People that want to achieve high heat in a hurry, choose propane or natural gas over charcoal or wood.

How can I receive the Arrow Outdoor Living builder price at local appliance retailers?

Outdoor kitchen appliance retailers offer a discount to builders. Many builders purchase the appliance portion of your outdoor kitchen and markup the price. Not good!

At Arrow Outdoor Living, we prefer to pass the savings on to you. By shopping locally, without product limitations, you can choose the appliances that work best for your space and all at builder prices!

Tulsa outdoor kitchen builder, Arrow Outdoor Living can make any landscape the envy of the neighborhood. An outdoor kitchen is a Tulsa landscape improvement that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy for years to come. Beyond that, a custom outdoor kitchen gets you outside with your guests creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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