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Our Tulsa paver pros categorize installations into two groups. First, there are natural stone pavers like travertine, flagstone, or cobblestone. Also, there are manufactured pavers like brick or concrete pavers that come in various sizes, shapes, and color varieties. Certainly, there are more than enough options to create the hardscape surface that any customer may want.    

Manufactured Pavers

Concrete pavers are durable for walkways, driveways, and patios. Likewise, brick is a durable option for each of these situations. In addition, the classic look of brick makes it a popular option for building walkways, and patios, as well as driveways. These manufactured pavers are strong and last for years. Beyond these two options, rubber pavers are available as well. Uniquely, rubber pavers are made of recycled tires. They give a completely different feel to your project and need little or no maintenance. 

Natural Stone Pavers

When it comes to natural stone, bluestone is popular for its color and slip resistance due to its component sand. Another natural stone cut from a quarry is flagstone. It is durable and does not absorb heat. Flagstone is great for coverage in areas that receive direct sunlight for large portions of the day. 

In addition to these stones, travertine is a natural stone that is long-lasting. It adds interest to the landscape because of its deep texture created by holes and grooves in the stone. Finally, cobblestone is a beautiful option that has literally been in use for thousands of years.

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Whether you are looking for a natural or manufactured paver, Arrow Outdoor Ling has the experience and construction crew that Tulsa trusts the most. Our top tier paving professionals will prepare the ground for stability and install pavers for your drive, walkway or patio that will stand the test of time.

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Are you looking for the best paving crew in Tulsa? Arrow Outdoor Living is Tulsa’s first choice for paver installation.

If you need coverage for that awkward spot in your side yard that simply won’t grow grass, our Tulsa paver installers can solve that problem with pavers. Would you like to have a unique custom-crafted paver patio? Tulsa’s top outdoor living team is an expert at that too.  Call for a free quote today.

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